Let's do

It appears to me that most people do not really want to go to the next level. Everybody has potential! What a waste!
People talk about it but few take action. In order to go to the next level, we will experience hardship. We will face hurdles. Successful people are those who can face challenges heads on and wrestle with them. After a few wrestling matches you will be better! What seemed like mountains will be more like hills!


Things that pull me down

I have many things that I do not like to do. Those things “pull” me down to stay in my comfort zone.

For example, I like to jump to the next cool thing without completely finishing the current task. I like to avoid fierce conversation.

Just being aware of my propensity and trying to do what may need a lot of effort but is important, should grow me to the next level.



Yesterday was my son's birthday. We went to San Diego, joined up with my daughter who goes to school there and went to a bakery to celebrate my son's birthday.

We sang happy birthday, and I felt so fortunate to have a wonderful family. At the same time, a thought came to my mind about the owner of the bakery who is still single. I was even more thankful about my family.

On my way driving back, I thought about the situation and how I live comparing with others. Most things are relative in this world and we always think of ourselves in comparison to others. I realized how important it is to have something that you value without any comparison with others. True happiness does not come from comparison.



We are doing, Kaizen, PRD, etc. These activities have 2 purposes.

First purpose is to improve our processes and make it better. It is improving our system and improving how we do things.

2nd purpose is more fundamental. We are trying to change the corporate culture for the better. We want to be a team of capable, efficient, loving and hard working people. We need to improve our culture by installing good habits as a team.

I believe that excellent business need to work on creating a good system and habits. Good habit promotes growth, strong culture and advances good systems. We need, good people working in good culture with good system in place. We are striving to achieve all three. Building these things are the most important task for me.



We all have dreams, but most people will not chase their dream. There are a lot of reasons people quit chasing their dreams. It may be because we see others around us not chasing it and we quit also. Some people may be cynical about life and think that dream is not something that can or should be pursued. We just may not have the diligence of pursuing the dream. There are so many reasons people quit chasing their dreams.

But what if the reason of our existence is to pursue our dream? What if we were made not just to exist and take up space in this world? What if God is walking with you and is ready to pick you up when you want to give up?

I want to dream big and live my life fully.